Warrnambool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

I've been going to Warrnambool BJJ for a few years now driving all the way from Dunkeld. Ever since my first session I've felt incredibly welcomed by Coach Matt and the team. Even after just a few sessions I had noticeably better skills and ability to handle myself. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
Popped into this gym no gi training while I was away for work, they were very welcoming and friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone keen on trying BJJ!
Great place to train. They ave a great kids and a great adult program with a good mix of weight categories.
I’ve just recently started at Warrnambool BJJ and am really enjoying it, everyone is very welcoming. Matt and the crew are great teachers, very supportive and have a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended for anyone starting out.
I’ve been attending classes here for almost 6 weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it. The coaching is excellent, all the people are friendly and respectful, and it’s all held in a controlled and safe environment.One of the best decisions I’ve made was to start training here
Absolutely loving the classes, Coach and the other instructors are so patient and full of knowledge! I had always wanted to get back into Martial Arts and I know I’ve made the right choice with WBJJ! OSS!
Thanks Matt and team for a great 2023. Love the structure, methodology behind the technique and the fun for all participants
Exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training and Community.From the moment I stepped into the gym, I was greeted with a sense of community and respect.The instructors at warrnambool BJJ are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly patient and encouraging. They pay close attention to each student, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their skill level, gets the guidance and support they need. The classes are well-structured, providing a perfect balance between technique, rolling, and physical conditioning.5 stars, would recommend, For self defence, fitness and confidence.
Great lessons 👌 good to to see kids having a blast whilst learning
Great positive atmosphere, classes are easy to digest and well explained with plenty of guidance provided throughout the lessons. Matt and the rest of the crew made me feel right at home as soon as I first walked in the door. Can’t recommend the place enough
Great coaching + great atmosphere 10/10
Dropped in for Open mat on a Thursday night while travelling through Warrnambool. Great crew and good rolls. Looking forward to coming back next time I’m in Warrnambool 🤟
Very welcoming gym, well as inclusive and kind. Thanks for letting me come in and have some rounds with you all.
Came in the other day for a trial, the crew were very welcoming and were one big happy family. I felt super welcomed and enjoyed it thoroughly. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a go or even someone who's moved to the Warrnambool region with a BJJ background.Thanks Matt for a great training session, I am officially hooked!
I visited this gym while travelling down from Melbourne for a weekend and wanted somewhere to roll. Extremely responsive staff who helped me come in for an open mat. The students were highly technical and made me feel welcome. Will definitely be dropping in again!
Love everything about this place. Approachable for all skill levels, great coaches and well structured lessons. From day one I have felt welcomed and enjoy every roll 👍
Awesome place to train. Great atmosphere, coach and team.
My son started with Matt a few months ago, and since the start of his program I have seen a massive change in him. Not only in his ability’s physically but even his state of mind.I highly recommend this for anyone.The club is easily approachable, easy to access, friendly and willing to work with you.I look forward to the coming years!Osu!
We started our 5-year-old son with Warrnambool bjj late last year and he has loved it so much that we drive an hour to attend the classes.The gym is clean and well-kept. The coaches are all approachable, knowledgeable and very good with the kids.I would highly recommend anyone else interested in BJJ, to get in touch with the club and check it out.
Dropped in for some rolls while on holiday and and was welcomed by a great group of guys, thanks for having me and hopefully I'll get the chance to drop in again
Highly recommend getting down to Warrnambool Jujitsu. We called in for a roll while on holidays, Matt was easy to chat too and welcomed the boys into the gym. He showed them some new moves and helped with their technique all while keeping it light and fun. Definitely be visiting again. Cheers Matt.
Matt (and Tim) did a wonderful job hosting my son’s birthday. He kept 16 very excited little boys entertained with a mix of energetic games and fun Jiu Jitsu based exercises. Thank you very much, everyone had a great time!
I have only been taking my 6 year old son here for a short time, but in that time he has built confidence and is striving to improve his basic skills. Matt is very patient and attentive to all the kids and ensures all are correctly manoeuvring to avoid injury.
Patient, welcoming and very professional. Mattand the team have guided our daughter to bemuch more confident, while also teaching respectand solid core values that any parent wouldappreciate. Groups are small so no one is leftbehind, and the excitement on our girls face whenshe learns a new move is cherishable.
Great place to learn jui-jitsu with a friendly group of people 😊
Jiu Jitsu was quite a new sport for us when our son started a couple of years ago. It is very hands on, which we weren’t really used to, but very realistic though and helpful in real life situations. The club is great in building the kids self confidence. Teachers are skilful and helpful and nice to every kid that’s there. I would highly recommend the sport and the club to anyone. Our son enjoys going every week, has made nice friends along the way and is turning into a strong young lad. What more can you ask for.
Trained with Coach Matt and the crew while holidaying in Warrnambool for a couple of weeks. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable, a very friendly club who are more than happy to share ideas and techniques. Matt is very professional with how he operates and a great communicator. I’ll be back next summer!Cameron Beale
Friendly people, great sport. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. Great for mental and physical health too.
Our son has recently joined the club at the start of the year. Through out this year we have seen his confidence grow. He looks forward to Judo classes and he has so much fun. His coordination has also improved immensely.
The coaches at Warrnambool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have been nothing but professional and welcoming coaches. Our teenage daughter started at the club late in the year and already loves attending the classes which she looks forward to every week.I would highly recommend Warrnambool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to any parent considering it for their child or any teen or adult considering Jiu Jitsu lessons. The classes install valuable skills of discipline, self confidence, fitness and self defence, which are all gained in a safe, fun and welcoming community. Highly recommended 👌 😃
I have attended two of the female self defence workshops and enjoyed both sessions. I felt welcomed, comfortable and supported. I strongly encourage all females to get involved in these very informative, relaxed and fun sessions.
This is a great club for the whole family, and an opportunity to meet new people .My daughter has trained there for 2 years, and has made some great friends.I recently went to the Woman’s self defence information session, I highly recommend for all ladies, I was nervous at first but soon relaxed and had a great time because everyone was so welcoming.
Matt ran a come and try aimed at self defence for women. I found it to be of great value and would definitely encourage anyone to reach out if wanting to try something new.
I attended two nights of women only self defense with my daughters. We all really enjoyed the classes. The information was brilliant and the delivery was casual and not at all intimidating.
I found the first class of the female self defence workshop great. The class was super interesting and engaging and definitely something I would like to continue should the full program go ahead! I think the skills and information these classes provide are invaluable.
I highly recommend Warrnambool BJJ , I have been attending self defense classes forwomen here and I was totally impressed. The coach is highly professional and takes pride with the cleaninest of his premises. I look forward to going to more classes.
I started training late 2020, I have both my children enrolled and they love their training. I have personally found the club very patient and welcoming, I’m not the fittest bloke but have been supported and encouraged without being used as a punching bag. The senior members and coach really take the time to invest in their members, they have great instruction and guidance. I would highly recommend the club for everyone, young or old.
I haven't been a member of Warrnambool BJJ for very long, but since the moment I nervously walked into the gym I felt extremely welcomed. The coach, and rest of the crew all have a great level of knowledge, and more importantly the ability to teach. The things I've learnt in my short time have put both my body and mind to the test as I've grappled, thrown and rolled with some great people. I couldn't recommend Warrnambool BJJ highly enough, my only regret is not signing up sooner! If you're ever considering something like this, there are some great trial deals available to see if it's something you'd enjoy (you will).
My son loves it. It’s a great way for him to meet new kids and a great way to interact with with others his age. He is becoming more confident whilst learning discipline and respect. Plus he burns off excess energy.
Good club with a friendly atmosphere
Great family friendly gym with lots of options for kids and adults. They even hosted a Ladies Self-Defence seminar for my work.
Started training late last year and ive found it very welcoming with a good timetable to suit people who just knocked off work. If the martial art you want to train is Brazilian jiu jitsu then this is the place to come and train that is available in the local area.
Great place to learn the Art of jujitsu. Our daughter benefited from kid friendly and well Planned it and thought out lessonz
A great family friendly club. Welcoming and encouraging of all levels. My kids are learning respect, listening more, and the older more experienced kids are great at helping the new ones. I especially like the high ratio of girls and women that make it really welcoming for girls 😀
My kids joined because they were being bullied at school. Within a few weeks you could see their confidence back. The club has a friendly welcoming environment for students and their families. The other students make your kids feel welcome from the start. The instructors are great with kids and break lessons down for easy to follow instructions.
Great place to learn BJJ , all beginners welcome female and male and you dont need to take anything there to try to see if you like it and if you do like it you can buy a Gi from them and if you just want to watch them thats ok too

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